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10 REASONS WHY I BECAME A REAL ESTATE AGENT IN SINGAPORE…..(find out if the reasons are yours, too….)

1. Unlimited Earning Power 
Managed to gross SGD 50K income after the 3rd
 month of joining (April 2007) . I have no prior experience in real estate.

2.  Flexible Working Hours
I love my own free time byspending time for my families, enjoying my hobbies like playing hockey and going out with my friends No more applying for mercy MCs and Emergency Leave.

3. Pro Family business
Due to the flexible working hours and trained method of ‘smart working’,now I have more quality time to spend with my family.  I am able access ERA databaseand work online from the comfort of my homeoffice.  Traveling time to and fro office is reduced immensely.

4. No Discriminative Career
I have a Diploma in IT, but I believefor the first time that I do not need to rely on my education to earn my dreamincome. You can be a hawker, laundry man, driver, flight attendant, housewife /househusband or even doctor, manager, lawyer and businessman… it doesn’t matteras long as you follow the training provided for you in order to become successful in real estate.

5. Life long Career
Housing is a basic need in every part of the world, especially due to the scarcity of valuable land in Singapore. Wewill never run out of business. No worries about retrenchment and whether your work impresses your superior. The only person you need to impress is YOURSELF!

6. Life long Learning

I believe in never endingadventure of learning, be it cooking or real estate. ERA has provided me with excellent week to week training to keep me updated on the ever changingreal estate industry in Singapore.You also get to learn from Top Producers and Top Managers of ERA through ourintensive in-house training.

7. Great support System

My team comprises the nicest down to earth people. We share, care and we are closely bonded by the internal training programs and monthly division outing. I really feel that I have a second family that I could rely on for support when it comes to my career consultation. 

8. It's not about Selling houses

Yes you’ve heard me right. Do you always have the impression that if you are not good insales or prior experience, you will not succeed in real estate? Well I willshow you that it is not only about selling houses; rather it is more about selling yourself. Don't know how to sell yourself? Bull! Your partner/spouse/children and boss will disagree with that. The real estate business will bring out the talent inside you.  You have the natural flawing selling yourself that you do not even realize. Real estate will bring tap your capability and further groom you to the next highest level.

9. Enriching my Life

It’s really fantastic how I have further enriched my life by just talking to people from all walks of life like retirees, housewives, executives, engineers, bankers, financial consultants, Directors and CEOs. Dealing with people from such diverse background has a profound impact on the way I perceive my objectives in life.

10. Low start up

Unlike any other business, a career in real estate requires very little capital. All you need is to make this small step.  Investing in the CEA Licencing & ERA Acceleration, career apparel, basic marketing files and some basic courses to enhance your knowledge. I have spent less than SGD 2000 overall to kick start my career. If you have SGD 2000, you are in the right position to start the business.

Step 1 - RES Course ($834.60)

Step 2 -  RES Exam ($246.10)

Step 3 - CEA Registation ($463.50)

Step 4 - ERA Acceleration Course ($620.60)

Final - Registered Sales Person

*Res Course not taken through RIA School of Real Estate ($727.60)


RES Course Fee Refund

Committment Fee of $780 reimbursed to Associate once $6800 *Net Associate Commission achieved within 9 months from date of Associate Agreement

Acceleration Course Fee Refund

Committment Fee of $580/$680 reimbursed to Associate once $12,800 *Net Associate Commisson achieved within 12 months of date of Assoicate Agreement

*Net Associate Commission (NAC) = Associate's Net Take-Home Commission


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Adrian Hui 许光兴
Branch Division Director
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L3002382K / R024786G
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